Change Management Strategy for Tech Implementation

March 17, 2023 Tim Williams

A health insurance plan with over four million members was facing a crisis: They were implementing an enterprise-wide software to improve operations, and while the tech build itself was going well, stakeholder management and early feedback from demos left much to be desired. There was a real fear of slow adoption and the implementation interfering with critical workstreams. Knowing that newly implemented systems can only work as well as employees utilize them, the client reached out to Business Talent Group (BTG), looking for help with change management to support the people and organizational culture central to the transformation.

BTG paired the client with a consultant with a PhD in organizational psychology and deep experience in healthcare and assisting organizations with execution of change strategies, behavior change, and increasing buy-in to proposed changes. The consultant did a full stakeholder and change impact assessment to create and execute a critical project rollout roadmap involving interactive trainings, sustained engagement, and overall advanced strategies to increase stakeholder engagement. Key to the engagement was showing the organization’s employees that the org was just as invested in its own people as it was in the new software.

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Tim Williams

Tim assists business leaders with finding, vetting, and ultimately selecting the perfect talent for a project. He has a Master’s Degree in Higher Education Administration and enjoys doing deep dives into new fields, competitive analysis, and working in dynamic environments.

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