Biopharma Due Diligence

December 10, 2019 Leah Hoffmann

A global biopharma company was evaluating an acquisition whose potential indications ranged from gastrointestinal disorders to ophthalmology. With a key leader out on vacation and the deadline for a non-binding term sheet drawing near, the company’s head of Commercial Business Development turned to Business Talent Group.

In the span of a few days, we delivered a two-person team to help the company extend and finalize its commercial evaluation. A biotech investment specialist customized a model that looked at multiple scenarios and helped size patient populations across different indications. An analyst assessed market access and competitive dynamics. A week later, the team had the figures it needed to make a successful bid; they are now proceeding to the next phase of the acquisition.

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Leah Hoffmann

Leah Hoffmann is a former journalist who has worked for and The Economist. She is passionate about clear thinking, sharp writing, and strong points of view.

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