Project Manager for a Post-Merger Biotech Integration

May 30, 2024 Riya Shah

When a large pharmaceutical firm acquired a biotech company spanning the US and China, the Director of Quality and Global Lead for End-to-End Integration needed a project manager to integrate its quality organizations into the existing network. Business Talent Group (BTG) deployed a renowned project manager specializing in pharma and biotech research and development (R&D) with experience seamlessly integrating quality organizations. The talent developed and executed a detailed integration plan, designed tailored communication strategies for various stakeholders, and oversaw quality assurance to standards and regulatory requirements. The integration proceeded smoothly, fostering alignment, collaboration, and compliance.

About the Author

Riya Shah

Riya Shah is a part of BTG's Client Development and Management team where she works with leaders in the pharmaceutical and biotech industries. An MBA student pursuing a marketing concentration, Riya helps bridge sales and marketing initiatives for BTG. She enjoys learning about different strategies to increase engagement and scale growth.

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