Pharmaceutical Target Valuation

December 20, 2019 Leah Hoffmann

The head of M&A at a global pharma company was evaluating an acquisition target based in India. His team had already assessed the company’s core business, but it needed help understanding the valuation of non-core assets in Europe and the U.S.

Business Talent Group put together a team of four independent M&A experts and analysts. Led by a former Bain and LEK consultant who’d held senior corporate development roles across the specialty manufacturing and life sciences sectors, this team combined expertise in marketing, manufacturing, and product pipeline analysis. Using a revenue-based approach and public and purchased market data, the consultants completed valuation P&Ls and deal models for each of the target’s non-core portfolio, pipeline, and manufacturing businesses in just two weeks. Informed this assessment, the client declined to pursue the deal further, focusing instead on other paths to growth.

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