2024 Talent Trends: Life Science

April 9, 2024

Each year, Business Talent Group releases the High-End Independent Talent Report, looking across industries and business functions to analyze how business leaders deploy top independent talent to fill critical skill, expertise, and leadership gaps. Here are the key life science trends for 2024.

The product development and launch cycle within pharmaceuticals, biotech, and medical devices has long made these industries a perfect fit for on-demand talent. This special section on trends in on-demand talent usage at life science organizations highlights their long-standing reliance on flexible expertise, as well as the unique and critical business functions that demand specialized knowledge and adaptability in a rapidly evolving sector.


Business Intelligence and Analytics

Product Strategy and Launch

Business Processes

Marketing and Sales

Innovation and R&D


Project Management

Market Access and Value

Advanced Analytics

AI and Machine Learning

Post-Merger Integration

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