Business Talent Group Key Strengths: HR

August 15, 2018

Lead the shift to greater agility with independent HR consultants and experts from Business Talent Group.

It’s no secret that today’s companies are under increasing pressure to move nimbly as they react to a changing world of work. But successful HR executives must do more than simply manage the shift to greater organizational agility—they must lead it. Business Talent Group (BTG) helps HR leaders build organizations that can adapt and win, augmenting internal resources with targeted skills and capabilities.

How? By connecting them with independent consultants and executives who combine on-the-ground executive experience with deep organizational expertise—delivering a pragmatic view that goes beyond the buzzwords. Whether you're right-sizing your team,
driving diversity and inclusion initiatives, or seeking to ensure employees' health and
safety, our marketplace of on-demand HR consultants will help you bring greater value
to your entire organization.

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