BTG Key Strengths: Divestitures

February 27, 2024

Execute a Seamless Divestiture

Divestitures are significant strategic moments that can have long-lasting implications for an organization’s performance, competitiveness, and future prospects.

Poorly executed divestitures can result in real and unfortunate outcomes, including unanticipated resource requirements, costly ongoing transition service agreements, long and painful separations, and loss of critical talent. All of these can quickly contribute to the deterioration of morale and potential damage to reputation.

Thankfully, divestiture leaders have a new solution to de-risk divestitures fast and fully execute workstreams. Whether managing the transaction internally or with the support of a consulting firm, on-demand talent can be layered on to help shorten the length of transition separation agreements and ensure the new and existing businesses have the resources they need.

Don’t let your divestiture fail. Whether you’re selling off a separate division or carving out/spinning out a NewCo, get the precise and tailored resourcing you need to support strategy development and complex execution.

Serving Needs Across the Divestiture Process:

  • Strategic Assessment
  • Valuation
  • Business Planning and Development
  • Crisis Management
  • Due Diligence
  • Regulatory Compliance Org Evaluation and Design
  • HR Restructuring
  • Integration Support IT Infrastructure
  • Exit/Carve-Out

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