BTG Key Strengths: Integrations

February 27, 2024

Execute a Seamless Integration

To ensure a successful integration, leaders must maximize and accelerate synergies and value creation while aligning cultures and org charts to drive the new company forward. But momentum must also be maintained in the ongoing business, leaving integration leaders with two alternatives: (1) own the integration internally or (2) tap a consulting firm for support.

Relying on internal resources risks team burnout, slipping deadlines, and organizational gaps from reallocating leaders’ time. Consulting firms can relieve these burdens, but frequently, internal teams aren’t fully prepared to take over new processes and workstreams when consulting firm support concludes.

Thankfully, integration leaders have a new solution to complement either path. Highly skilled on-demand talent can be layered on top of or adjacent to either option, allowing companies to further de-risk integrations and fully execute workstreams to achieve the desired results.

Don’t let your integration stall. Whether you’re at the beginning of the integration process or seeking a bridge solution post-close, get the precise and tailored resourcing you need with on-demand talent.

Reach out today to access the highly skilled talent you need to drive a successful integration.

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