Reclaiming Momentum in Mexico

Leah Hoffmann

A global agricultural and industrial conglomerate faced a challenge in Mexico: an important business unit was suddenly struggling to keep up with market changes, new competitors, and changing customer expectations. The in-country executives and field leaders could not agree on how to turn the tide, and the overstretched corporate planning team lacked the capacity to help. Together the head of Corporate Strategy and the Mexican GM turned to Business Talent Group.

We proposed a tightly structured workshop-based project for the senior management team and field leaders. Our bilingual strategist had already helped solve numerous growth strategy problems, and had developed a template for facilitating consensus among large groups of stakeholders.

During the first meeting, the group discussed ideas and prioritized those that were best poised to deliver value. The consultant then completed several market analyses to tighten the insights. The group met again, and strategic proposals emerged. The consultant helped finalize recommendation presentations for the CEO in both Spanish and English. The process was completed in under two months; everyone in the country felt heard and—most importantly—near immediate action and results were seen by all.


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