Strategic Vision for a 10-Year Plan

A global insurance company was rolling out a new strategic framework with aggressive 2030 goals involving digital transformation, geographic expansion, and revenue growth. In support of this vision, the corporate innovation lead needed an experienced consultant to assist in building out the strategy function, creating a capabilities roadmap to bridge the gap from 2020 to 2030, and ensuring that all goals would be met. 

Business Talent Group (BTG) delivered a growth strategy executive and former Big 3 strategy consultant with deep experience in organizational design and business plan development. He was able to develop a charter with specific and repeatable deliverables, build out the 2030 plan and work backwards to identify capability gaps, and then create a robust strategic plan document to be shared with the company at large. 

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Summer Foote is BTG’s Communications and Design Specialist. A graphic designer and content creator with a background in magazine editing, Summer has worked with many businesses on brand development and marketing projects.

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