Business Talent Group Key Strengths: Post-Strategy Consulting

The missing link between smart ideas and great results.

Big consulting firms often leave you with brilliant strategies but few details about how to execute. The Business Talent Group (BTG) marketplace helps you translate theory into action by deploying top independent consultants to pick up where big firms leave off.

On-demand consultants from BTG deliver a combination of strategic thinking, real-world executive experience, and more targeted expertise than traditional firms can offer. Our consultants work alongside your team—so you own the results—and our flexible approach ensures your solution can evolve if your needs change.

That’s why 40% of Fortune 100 companies trust BTG to scope the work, present a curated slate of candidates, and manage all contracting and compliance on projects that fuel growth, innovation, and performance improvement. Our commitment to project success has earned us a 99% fill rate on all talent requests and a 97% repeat rate among top global companies.

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