Creating a Global Communication Strategy in the Mining Sector

February 6, 2023 Rachel Halversen

A strategic advisory firm was looking to develop a communication strategy for a mining company based in the Middle East. Part of a global expansion program, the initiative consisted of creating communication and ESG strategies whilst building capacity and overseeing day-to-day communications—all while obtaining expert insights on the future of the global economy and the demand trends of minerals and metals. The firm needed transformation and operational support to conduct a landscape assessment, global stakeholder mapping, competitor benchmarking, and an internal review of current strategy.

Business Talent Group (BTG) placed a senior strategy consultant and former mining executive with global experience spanning finance, digitalization, human resources, and tech. Well-versed in designing market analysis frameworks and roadmaps to drive growth and adaptation, the consultant excelled in conducting the assessment and devising a strategic plan to improve global positioning and better communicate to international audiences.

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