Getting a (Data) House in Order

A major asset management firm acquired a large shopping enterprise but soon realized they had a significant gap in their data strategy. They had a bulk of historical data but needed a specialized consultant trained in working with clients to actualize the data and optimize the operation, improve customer engagement, and execute on forward-thinking initiatives like sustainability.

Business Talent Group (BTG) paired the client with a former Digital Public consultant with extensive experience developing data strategies and optimizing technological infrastructure, and a storied history of successful engagements in the retail space. The talent provided much needed direction for the organization, which culminated in building a robust data ecosystem, enhancing the technical infrastructure and data knowledge, and establishing clear governance across the organization to manage and use data in an effective, compliant, and secure manner moving forward. 

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Tim Williams

Tim assists business leaders with finding, vetting, and ultimately selecting the perfect talent for a project. He has a Master’s Degree in Higher Education Administration and enjoys doing deep dives into new fields, competitive analysis, and working in dynamic environments.

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