Clinical Trial Data Assessment for a Business Development Team

The Business Development and Licensing Team of a mid-cap European pharma company needed an MD with clinical nephrology experience to support the assessment of clinical trial data of a cardio-renal asset they were interested in pursuing.

Business Talent Group (BTG) provided a drug development physician with deep biopharmaceutical industry experience in product approval and launch, as well as 20 years of clinical practice specializing in nephrology, internal medicine, and immunology. The consultant further tested and validated the team’s initial clinical evidence assessment and made recommendations for the next stage of clinical development.

The consultant addressed targeted questions pertaining to the best path forward for the next phase of clinical development including:

  • What is the appropriate phase on the next trial based on sub-group data from the previous trial?
  • What is the best design concept for the next study?
  • What are the risks and likelihood of success of a Phase 3 based on the Phase 2 subgroup analysis?

This analysis allowed the team to enter the next phase of development equipped for success.

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