Preparing For a Major R&D Transformation

Leah Hoffmann

The head of R&D at a F500 pharmaceutical company was preparing for a major transformation aimed at using new technologies to drive more efficient decisions throughout the drug development process. McKinsey was helping her develop top-line strategies. But the project had already been organized into 18 different workstreams, and she was having trouble keeping up with the analysis she needed to validate those strategies and finalize project plans.

Business Talent Group proposed that she ameliorate the crunch with the help of a dedicated independent life science consultant; within 24 hours, we had identified one with the expertise and, more importantly, the culture fit to successfully complete the project. This consultant—who began her career at McKinsey and had extensive experience with strategy development, data analysis, and implementation planning—served as a sort of chief of staff. She helped the executive coordinate across workstreams and supported her on critical analytical tasks. She also assumed leadership of a number of workstreams, freeing the executive to focus on ones that required more oversight while still maintaining ownership of the broader process.

Value: Fast, targeted, and hassle-free help on a critical initiative.

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