Putting a Big Strategy Into Action

Leah Hoffmann

Regulations added inefficiency to the most profitable products of a F500 Financial Service client’s public finance group. A Big Three consulting firm had diagnosed the most pressing issues. But the Head of Transformation was struggling to map those improvements onto their own operations.

Business Talent Group put together a three-person team to help the transformation group put the consulting firm’s strategy into action and increase productivity while mitigating risk. Our project lead was a former Big Three consultant and lean process expert; thanks to his background, he was able to quickly pick up where the consulting firm left off. Supporting him were a six sigma capacity management specialist and an experienced financial analyst.

The consulting firm had outlined improvements, but no clear steps to take. So Business Talent Group’s team began by examining KPIs across five different sectors in the group. Then they analyzed everything from sequencing to capacity, and designed an end-to-end process that could deliver on the client’s goal of improving profitability by 20%. Finally, they led a pilot of their plan in the local government sector.


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