A Cybersecurity Transformation Leader for an IT Infrastructure Overhaul

March 24, 2022 Summer Foote

A multibillion-dollar industrial holding company was undergoing a transformation of its IT infrastructure to centralize operations and build a corporate framework across scores of portfolio companies and diverse geographies. To ensure the security of the build and the company’s systems going forward, the leadership team needed a seasoned IT expert with deep cybersecurity knowledge to assess current infrastructure—identifying potential risks and developing plans for near-term and longer-term improvements. Looking for someone who could work alongside both corporate leadership (CEO and CFO) and the IT leaders of each group of portfolio companies to help design and build appropriate staffing, systems, policies, and protections, the CFO reached out to Business Talent Group.

BTG delivered a cybersecurity executive with 20+ years of experience, who had managed the privacy and security practices at Schlumberger, Deloitte, and Grant Thorton. He had served as an interim information security executive for numerous companies and had a proven record of success leading complex, challenging information security and compliance initiatives at global Fortune 500 companies. The consultant assessed vulnerabilities and created a plan to remediate them, worked closely with the PMO and HR teams to evaluate network exposure, and helped develop an incident response plan—supporting a secure IT infrastructure transformation.

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